Because Your Time Is Too Precious To Spend Making Lesson Plans!

The Visual Art Academy has everything you need to help you save time and still teach like a rock star!

"I could tell right away when we started messaging that you cared about what I needed and were there with a lot of ideas and suggestions to help me be successful." ~ Cindy Phillippi

What Sets Us Apart

20 years of successful Art Education and Educational Administrative experience with students in grades 5k - 12. Through this experience and success in the classroom I have been given the title of DISTINGUISHED EDUCATOR. All of our Art Education materials have been proven to work for all learners and skill levels.

  • Student Centered Lessons
  • Data driven formative and summative Art assessments.
  • Art curriculum and lessons meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Bell ringer drawing activities that you can use RIGHT NOW!

I Wish I Had The Visual Art Academy When I Was First Started Teaching!

I spent 100s of hours creating the curriculum, lessons, assessments and educator effectiveness materials you will find in our membership area. All of these materials have been tested with thousands of students.

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