A Trip to Orlando is Inspiring

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Jul 25

Hi, my name is Sheryl Depp and I’m tickled to be a guest blogger. My blog posts can be found at I am an elementary art teacher in Pasco County, Florida and I live about 2 hours away from Orlando. 

On a recent trip to downtown Disney, where there is lots and lots of shopping and places to eat, I found quite a few things that inspired me to start thinking about future lessons for my students.

First off I’m really big on lessons having to do with functional art. Because ART truly is EVERYWHERE! We as art teachers are constantly striving to have the arts recognized as important! It’s up to us to advocate starting with our students.

Most of us wear socks, perhaps not the super cool ones I spotted while shopping, but I think designing socks would be a fun lesson. And let’s not forget about all the cool headbands/hats with mouse ears. A self-portrait lesson with a hat, that the student designs would cover many different standards.

Disney Project Idea

What about designing handbags or backpacks?

Star wars Bag

Let’s not forget about ALL the TOYS out there, that someone is making a lot of money from developing and manufacturing.

Mr. Potato Head

Talk about all the art careers out there! From the people who design store windows to the designers who keep the theme of a place obvious, in even the smallest details.

Railing Design

I love that store window. And check out the stair rail from Splitsville, a bowling alley-can you see the shape of the bowling pin and ball? How much fun would it be to have students design around a theme? Or maybe a party or a restaurant?

How many of us teachers design our classrooms around a theme? I use the colors of the rainbow and assign each grade level a color. And I’ve seen some really great classrooms designed around animals prints, school mascots, stars and characters.

What inspires your lessons or the theme of your classroom?

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