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Three Bears Snow Bears Lesson Plan

The Three Snow Bears Lesson Plan is a great way to invite the winter season into your art room. This lesson blends literacy with creativity for your elementary folks. A great big thank you goes out to Karen Jo Bailey for sharing this lesson plan. Congratulations on being chosen as our Art Teacher of the Week!

Three Snow Bears Lesson Plan

Three Snow Bears Lesson Supplies Needed:

Book- The Three Snow Bears by:  Jan Brett, blue construction paper, scissors, glue stick, oil pastels (black, white, red, blue) pastel chalk and pencils.  

Lesson Objective:

The student will recognize polar bears in their natural habitat.

Students will repeat number patterns seen and heard within the story The Three Snow Bears.

Three Snow Bears Book

The student will view patterns of line, shape and color found on the three snow bears.

Students will create an original work of art incorporating aspects of a polar bear head face and natural habitat.

Students will create work of art using a variety of techniques…(Alabama Course of Study)

Polar bears

Click below to get the lesson plan.

The Three Snow Bears Lesson Plan

Smiling bearSnow bear with tongue

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