The First Week Of School Is Over…. Now What?

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Sep 07

The First Week Of School is Over… Now What?

New Year

It’s the first week of school. The excitement is high! Classrooms are ready, everyone is wearing their new wardrobe, and breaking out the new school supplies. Some are nervous and some are excited. Oh, and the kids are too. 🙂 But Now the first week of school is over. Now, what do you do?

So you’ve gotten through the first week of ice breakers and it’s time to get to teaching. Now what? Let the real work begin! Lessons, assessments, activities, worksheets, etc. Some of you may have been thrown into new grade levels or maybe have never taught art before. some of you don’t have a classroom and are going from room to room on a cart trying to figure out how to make it all work. Some of you may have a whole new curriculum or be moving to standards based grading. Most of you have a combination! So where do you begin?

So What Do You Do First?

Find out what standards your district uses for Art Classes? Are your standards, objectives, and curriculum listed somewhere for you can get your hands them?  What are the critical objectives you want students to know when they leave your classroom doors?

Lessons, So Many Lessons!

Once you figure out your standards, your next step is to start planning lessons. Ohhhhh, so many lessons. But really options are endless. The “what” isn’t the hard part of the lesson, it’s the “how” that most struggle with.

An Hourish Of Learning

Like to lay out my lesson in a daily agenda first. Just so I know what I will be doing from day to day.

Daily Agenda pg1 Lesson Agenda page 3

The example to the right is from the Art Foundations 2D curriculum in the Visual Art Academy Membership. I first break down the standards used in the unit and lesson. Here you see I use the National Standards. Then I list the objectives. What do I want my students to learn by doing this project, unit, lesson, etc. Then I get into listing the materials and supplies I will need for the day. This helps to organize and to make sure we have all the supplies needed. There is nothing worse than realizing you don’t have all the supplies needed once you begin or get into the middle of a project.

Getting Into The Meat and Potatoes

I go on to create an agenda and then get into Teacher Instruction/Class Discussion. This is the important stuff. Reviewing what was discussed and learned the class before is a great way to begin. Then moving on to the new discussions, demonstrations, Power Point Information, Practice worksheets and more.

Getting To Work

Students usually can’t wait to get to it and start working on projects. This is what I put into the Class Activity section of the Daily Agenda.

Things To Remember

I make a quick list in the ASAP after class for things I will need to remember to do right after I finish teaching a class. Replenish supplies, make copies, get something else ready for the next day. Whatever I deem important to remember.

Hopefully, all of this helps you get started and the wheels turning for new lessons and projects. Don’t forget to sign up to get your Art Teacher Assessment Guide For The Classroom and Beyond. The First Week Of School Is Over

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