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Art teacher lesson plans from The Visual Art Academy will help you do just that.

With 20 years of teaching and administrative experience, I have written extensive curriculum and assessment and understand the importance of art curriculum and instruction that is data driven. I also know the extensive amount of time it takes for art teachers to create high-quality standards-based lesson plans, curriculum mapping and common assessment along with proving Educator Effectiveness every school year.

Free Art Teacher Lesson Plans

Below you will find free art teacher lesson plans that are the most successful student engaging art lessons plans. I use these in my own classroom every year. These plans are designed for students to explore, learn and create reach their full potential as art students. Each lesson is designed to help make your job as an art teacher less stressful. I give you your time and life back all while giving students the confidence to succeed in art. Each art lesson is built in sequence so that each concept and activity builds upon previously learned concepts, vocabulary, media, techniques and project experience. These lessons can be adapted for other ages and skill levels of students. I encourage you to change these lesson plans to fit the needs of your students as well as your own.

Need some presentations completed lessons to teach? Here you go!

Free Lesson Plans   LINE – The Elements of Art Series

LINE – Elements of Art Presentation 

Editable Line Presentation available in

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Contour Line Unit Lesson Plan and Resources

Day 6 of Contour Line Drawing unit:

Art Foundations Day 6 2D Lesson Plan Agenda PDF

Art Foundations Day 6 2D Lesson Plan Agenda Worddoc. (Can be adjusted to your needs)

Blind Contour Line Drawing Worksheet

Hand Contour line drawing worksheet

Drawing A Hand With Contour Line Demonstration


Art teacher Lesson Plans - Still Life


Art Foundations Day 33 2D Lesson Plan Agenda

Still Life Lesson Plan Sheet

Still Life Project Summative Rubric and Reflection Form


Complete Art Foundations Lesson Plans, Assessments, Video Demonstrations and Other Resources Can Be Found In The Visual Art Academy Community.  


Three Polar Bears Lesson PlanSmiling bear

Polar bears







Pastel Chalk Poppy Lesson PlanPastel Chalk Poppy Lesson Plan








Water Color Fish Lesson Plan







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