About Me


Me teachingSo there are a few things you should probably know about me before we get going.

Hi, my name is Brenda and I LOVE sharing what I know and learn in the area of visual art and education. I have been teaching visual art for over 20 years for students as young as 2 all the way to adults. I am a lifelong learner and it’s so much fun for me to help people become better in all areas of Art. The exploration and use of various art mediums or learn a new technique is so exciting to me.

I’m just a girl who loves to “play” with different art materials and learn new things my self. I love to TEACH what I learn.

I’ve had many personal accomplishments in the art field, but my greatest achievement is seeing the light bulb go on for my students. I see them get excited about art and what they are learning to create.

I started to provide free art lessons to everyone, but also an advanced level learning for those looking for that “extra push”.  My goal is also to create a relaxed place to have fun and collaborate with other artists for ideas and support. I believe that art should be accessible to all and that anyone can create if they really give it a go. 

A Short Little Story About Me

Since about second grade I knew I wanted to be an art teacher. It wasn’t because I loved art, don’t get me wrong, I totally did. But it was because I was afraid of my teacher. She terrified me! I would literally make my self sick on the days I had art class so I wouldn’t have to go. But I LOVED art. So I decided in my young brain that I was never going to make kids (or adults) afraid to do art.

My Dad, who I consider him my super hero and first mentor, was a special education teacher for 40 years and as I got closer to starting college I had a lot of people tell me I should go into Dad and Ithe area of Special Needs Education because there would be a lot of jobs available. So I put my passion and love for art aside and started my degree in special education.

After about a year, I thought to myself,” I’m not having fun! I don’t think I want to do this for the next 40 years of my life.”  My creative side had been buried for quite a while and it wasn’t good. I decided to go to talk to a professor in the art department of the college I was attending. He is still to this day is one of my many mentors. We had a fantastic conversation. Brenda, he said, “You don’t have Art… Art has you.” HBrenda at the Beane was right! Art and creativity are in my blood.

One Conversation Changed Everything

That day I changed my major to Art Education. It was the plan I had all along. Teach Art and work with students of all ages is what I was born to do. I have never regretted my decision to change my course.

I teach Art for students in all grades, Kindergarten – 12th Grade. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years already.  While I enjoy teaching in my classroom each day, I have so many people who have asked me to teach classes outside of school so they could also enjoy taking art classes too. This is why I started creating art classes at

I am always trying new techniques and love to play with various art supplies and mediums. I’m excited to be so fortunate to work with each and every one of you and to share my knowledge this website.

My Personal Life and a Few More Things About Me

As much as I love Art and teaching my true great love is my family. I’ve been truly blessed with my awesome husband, Corey who accepts my crazy creative ways and understands my NEED to “make stuff” as well as share it. We have three busy beautiful children, Madison, Brayden and Jack. Our family wouldn’t be complete without our sweet Springer Spaniel named Ivy Lou. 

Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I’m pretty sure that it’s a state law to be a Packer Fan. I rarely sit down to watch an entire game, but often have a game on during football season while I work. I’m also a Soccer Mom, a Wrestling Mom, a Choir Mom, a Football Mom and a Baseball Mom.

travelI love to travel the world to see other cultures and what the world has to offer.

All of these life experiences have molded me into the person and teacher I am today. I feel so very blessed to be able to share my talents with you and help you to become the artist you strive to be. Hold your glass high… Here’s to exploring, learning and creating! Let’s take this amazing journey together!


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