10 Ways To Seriously Jumpstart Your Creativity

By Brenda Mullard | Uncategorized

May 23

I’ve been thinking and working on 10 ways to seriously jumpstart your creativity.

Get Creative

So a few weeks ago, we did our first our Art teacher drawing challenge in the Art Teachers Teaching Art Facebook Group. There is another challenge coming SOON! So make sure to watch for it. This is the perfect time to get creative for ourselves. We look for the perfect project to do and we look for the perfect time to actually be able to do it. Well guess what, there is no perfect anything for anyone at anytime. So here are 10 ways to seriously jumpstart your creativity.

1) Stop being a perfectionist!

I will repeat this again, there is no perfect anything. There’s no perfect time, no perfect project, no perfect place to even do any kind of artwork that you really want to do. Just start something. Write down some ideas and just do something. Don’t worry about it being perfect. You may not even have a finalized project in my mind. You don’t need to know what the end will look like. Just try to start SOMETHING. Worrying about things being perfect totally crushes your creativity and it does nothing good for you. Being perfect is way overrated anyway.

2) Go Somewhere and Remember To Take Your Sketchbook With You

Creativity Sketchbook

Go for a walk, or maybe just go to a restaurant and look around. People watch! That’s super fun all in itself! Forget your sketchbook? Grab a napkin and a pen or a pencil and just start drawing what you see going on around you.

3) Surf The Web!

Web Surfing

There’s this amazing thing called Google. There’s another amazing thing called Pinterest both of these places have amazing ideas. Type in the subject or a location that you’re thinking about and boom you’re there. Use these images to inspire you to get ideas on things that you want to draw or paint or sculpt or whatever media that you choose to do work in. Remember copyrights do apply to most images on the web so use them for inspiration and accuracy. Never copy them or use them without permission from the photographer.

4) Listen To Music

Creativity Music

Choose the genre of music that you like the best to start out with. Play it soft, play it loud, do whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing. There are multiple research activities done on the effects of music on the brain. Music is something that most people can relate to and it helps them to sometimes think more clearly. For me, I throw on a little Dave Matthews Band on and I am off and creating! Thanks Dave and the rest of the crew!

5) Keep A Sketchbook Or A Journal

Always have a sketchbook or a journal at hand at all times of the day for when an idea inspires you. Do some quick little sketches or write down notes to yourself of things that you would like to eventually draw, paint and create. Anything that just jumps out at you that you feel would be an interesting art piece to create later is a good thing to put in your journal for yourself.

6) Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We all tend to stay in places we feel comfortable. It’s safe! But many times we need to push ourselves out of that comfort zone to try something new, try something different. We grow and we learn when we do things we are not used to doing. It’s totally uncomfortable for sure, but we stretch your creativity by doing things that we don’t always know exactly how to do. ‘Get uncomfortable to get comfortable”,  is one of my favorite saying.

7) Experiment And Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

So you try something new and you fail? So what? You’ve actually failed many times thus far in your life. As a baby, you failed multiple times trying to walk trying to talk even potty training. Did that have an effect on the rest of your life? Probably not. You’ve applied for jobs and didn’t get them. You may have failed your drivers test the first time around. Did that stop you from trying again? Most likely not.  So get out some art supplies that you have not used before or go to the craft store and purchase some things that you may not feel super comfortable with or know how to use. Open them up and just start “playing” with them. So you don’t create a masterpiece right away big deal. Try again! Still not successful? Do it again, and again, and again!

8) Take Some Pictures

Grab a Camera or even your phone and start snapping pictures of everything you see that interests you. With cameras at our fingertips at all times we have no excuse to go without some sort of resource or something that inspires us to get creative.

9) Seek Out Other Artists

Seek out of their artist that inspire you. Send them an email let them know that you appreciate their artwork and ask them some questions. I see artwork from various artists that inspires me all the time. I love sending an artist an email telling them how much I appreciate their work and they usually send me an email back telling me, “Thank you” for appreciating their work. I’ve actually built some very good friendships through this process.

10) Stop Comparing Yourself And Your Work To Others

Comparing yourself and your work to others is a complete killer of joy. You are not them and they are not you. You need to be original and do your own thing. Don’t worry about what other people think or what they will say. Because most of the time to be completely honest, people are not going to care that much. We think they will, but in reality they truly don’t.

So with all this being said, get a sketch book or journal,  go somewhere that you really really love with some music inspires you and start drawing and thinking about ideas of your next piece of artwork. Create for you and no one else. It’s time to put your creativity first again. For most of you, this hasn’t happened in a very long time and it’s definitely time to take care of yourself. Enough thinking, now start doing!


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